In addition to the Directorates, there are Units which provide other services towards the achievement of the Ministry’s mandate. These are:

  • Legal
  • Communications and Public Affairs
  • Internal Audit

Mr. Patrick Yaw Nimo

- Chief Director -

Communications And Public Affairs

The Communications and Public Affairs is responsible for creating public awareness of the Ministry’s policies, programmes, activities and also manages the relationship between the Ministry and the public.

  • Provide the public with regular information on activities of MOTI and its agencies
  • Obtain feedback (internal and external) and ensure that the image of the Ministry is at all times enhanced
  • Identify and provide the information requirements of targeted stakeholders of the Ministry.
  • Create exposure and develop goodwill for the Ministry.
  • Ensure the implementation of the Communication strategy of the Ministry
  • Collaborate with PPBME to develop Communications Policy for the Ministry
  • Provide the public with regular information on activities of MOTI and its agencies

Internal Audit

The primary objective of the Internal Audit (IA) is to assist management and safeguard the assets of the Ministry in the achievement of the Ministry’s objectives through the prudent use of resources.

  • Review the activities of the Ministry to determine whether they are conducted in an economic, efficient and effective manner
  • Ensure the maintenance of professional audit staff with sufficient knowledge, skills, experience and professional certification to meet the requirements of the audit function in the Ministry
  • Review from time to time the financial and operational manuals of the Ministry to ensure that existing procedures are complied with.
  • Review the reliability and effectiveness of the financial and operational internal control systems of the Ministry.
  • Review the efficiency and effectiveness of non-financial controls
  • Ensure compliance with laws, policies, plans, regulations, standards and procedures
  • Conduct investigations into any special tasks or activities requested by management
  • Issue periodic audit reports to management
  • Protect interests and safeguard the assets of the Ministry against loss, fraud and abuse


  • The objective of the Unit is to provide legal advice and also ensure speedy resolution of legal issues within the sector. The Unit liaises with the Attorney General’s Department (Attorney General by law is the legal adviser to government) on legal issues of the sector.
  • Give legal advice to the Ministry and its Agencies
  • Draft and/or review agreements for the consideration of the Attorney General’s Department (AGD)
  • Liaise with Parliamentary Select Committee on laws sponsored by MOTI
  • Facilitate the drafting of Legislative Instruments (LI) by the Attorney General’s Department (AGD)
  • Provide legal direction on industrial, commercial and loan negotiations for the sector
  • Liaise with the AG’s Department to advise the sector on settlement of claims and out of court settlements
  • Draft pleadings for civil litigation in cases involving the Ministry and its Agencies for the attention of the Attorney General’s Department.
  • Provide legal counsel on matters affecting staff in their line of duty.
  • Draft and/or review contracts, MOUs and other agreements.