The Directorate is responsible for entering into multilateral, bilateral and regional trade relations as a way of facilitating trade and investments. The Directorate will facilitate trade between Ghana and regional/sub-regional blocs. It will also coordinate the activities of the Foreign Offices of the Ministry and ensures that policies, programmes and activities of the Ministry are effectively disseminated to international stakeholders.


Mr. Patrick Yaw Nimo
– Chief Director –

Multilateral, Bilateral and Regional Trade Division

The Division is responsible for entering into multilateral trade agreement as a way of facilitating trade and investments. It will also participate in programmes of multilateral institutions to obtain market access for industrial and agricultural products.

Regional/Sub Regional Integration Unit

  • Facilitates trade between Ghana and other ECOWAS countries.
  • Facilitates trade between Ghana and other relevant sub-regional blocs.
  • Promotes Ghanaian products to compete in the regional markets
  • Promotes Ghanaian investments within the region/sub-region.
  • Facilitates and sustains Ghana’s trade relations with the European Union (EPA) and other relevant regional blocs (ACP).
  • Ensures that Ghana derives maximum benefits from ECOWAS negotiations such as:
    • West Africa Monetary Institute
    • ECOWAS Trade Liberation Scheme (ETLS)
    • Common External Tariff
    • ECOWAS-EPA Negotiations
    • ACP

Bilateral Unit

  • Mobilize resources and create investment opportunities to support Ghana’s economic growth and development.
  • Explore opportunities in key strategic markets for Ghanaian businesses
  • Foster business cooperation and technology transfer
  • Encourage Foreign Direct Investment.

Foreign Offices

The Foreign Offices promote and enhance trade and investment relations between Ghana and the countries of accreditation. The Ministry currently has nine Trade and Investment Offices in the following countries: Nigeria (Abuja), Belgium (Brussels) Switzerland (Geneva), UK (London), USA (Washington), Turkey (Ankara), Japan (Tokyo), China (Beijing) and South Africa (Pretoria).


  • Facilitate trade activities between Ghana and other countries
  • Help implement all protocols in connection with trade and investment.
  • Liaise between the Government of Ghana and foreign investors for increased inflow of investments.
  • Promote Ghanaian exports and tourism abroad.
  • Facilitate access to technical assistance for institutional upgrading and human resource development