• Posted on: 4 July 2016
  • By: MOTIMod

The Ghana-China Business Forum is an initiative by the Government of Ghana through the Ministry of Trade and Industry and the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Ghana to stimulate develop and strengthen business relationships between Ghana and China. The event will provide a platform for Ghana to present trade and investment opportunities available in the country to the Chinese Business Community. It will also provide an exclusive opportunity to exchange information, experiences and opportunities between the two countries. This will allow direct contact with CEO’s eager to move into Ghana. The event is aimed at promoting Ghanaian business and investment potentials to the Chinese business community.

This is important at the time Chinese businesses are seeking to relocate operations elsewhere due the high production cost in China. In view of this, Ghana provides ample opportunity for Chinese businesses to re-locate here.



Ghana has investments opportunities in agriculture and agro-processing as Ghana lays claim to a vast expanse of arable land, forests, marine and fishing stocks.

The financial services and telecommunications sectors are also fast gaining ground, providing dynamic and innovative services to the most diverse customers in the world. Further opportunities exist in manufacturing (textiles and garment, food processing) Oil & gas, ICT, Tourism, Energy and Power and Water. The water supply and sanitation infrastructure is insufficient, especially in rural areas. Major investments are needed to extend coverage as well as rehabilitate and maintain existing infrastructure.

 The discovery of oil and gas resources provides opportunities for the production, transmission and distribution of natural gas.

The government has put in place strategies to transform the economic sectors through formulation and implementation of policies and programmes to make it attractive to both local and foreign investors.

Ghana is interested in attracting Chinese investment into the Industrial sector where there are considerable growth opportunities and has put in place an industrial policy with clear and transparent guidelines for the implementation of Government’s industrial development agenda with particular respect to the growth, diversification, upgrading and competitiveness of the manufacturing sector. Chinese investment is therefore needed in these areas, targeting value addition and processing of primary produce into industrial products.


The majority of developed countries provide Ghana with preferential market access including the African Growth and Opportunity Act- AGOA by the USA. Investing in Ghana gives an investor the opportunity to have access to these markets.

Ghana is the second largest exporter of lumber and gold on the continent, and the second largest exporter of cocoa worldwide. Ghana also enjoys ample mineral deposits of diamonds, bauxite, manganese and salt. These mineral deposits provides readily raw material base for mineral processing, metals and fabrication.



The objective of the Forum is to stimulate, develop and strengthen business relationships between Ghana and China


The event will bring together Ministers of state, Policy makers, Investment Promotion Institutions, Industry Players, Chief Executive Officers, Trade and Industry Experts, Industrialists, private and public institutions and other key stakeholders from and outside Ghana to discuss common issues affecting trade and investment  development for both countries and chart the way forward.


Ghana wishes to welcome all Chinese investors into the country. We re-affirm our commitment to moving our continent forward and look forward to very useful engagements with Chinese Businesses.



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