Public Notices



1. Original Bill of Lading / Airway Bill
2. Attested Invoice
3. Packing List
4. Final Classification and Valuation Report (FCVR) from the DIC
5. Import Declaration Form (IDF) from the Ministry of Trade and Industry.
6. Tax Clearance certificate from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) issued in the name of the importer or 1% of CIF payment fee.
7. Tax Identification Number (TIN) from National Revenue Secretariat – Ministry of Finance.


1. Submission of Bill of Lading, Invoices and Packing List to DIC
2. Obtain FCVR from DIC
3. Purchase Single Administrative Document (SAD) Bill of Entry from Customs
4. Self Assessment / Complete Bill of Entry Form
5. Payment of Duties and Taxes at the Bank located at Long room.
6. Face Vetting of all relevant documents.
7. Computer Data Input-storage of data provided on Bill of Entry on Computer
8. Computer Accounts Assessment of duties and taxes paid. Generation of registration and assessment numbers. Some selected documents are holo sealed.
9. Detaching of document to user agencies, departments and organizations.
10. Dispatching documents to the Outdoor (the port).
11. Distribution of entries to designated sheds and seats according to categories, through Green, Yellow, Red channels by Chief Collector, Outdoor (CCOD) to Shed 10 Car park, Scanning, Free Zones, Export etc.
12. Examination of goods physically or electronically, goods are examined manually, goods selected for electronic examination under red channel go through the scanning machine. Green Channel: - low duty bulk cargo, duty free goods etc. Yellow Channel: - “Usually goods for physical examination through scanning.
13. Goods are released by proper officer to Importer.
14. Gate Security The last check point – cursory check on packages.