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The Ministry of Trade & Industry is the lead policy advisor to government on trade, industrial and private sector development with responsibility for the formulation and implementation of policies for the promotion, growth and development of domestic and international trade and industry. The Ministry is also the advocate for the private sector within government and is the principal agency responsible for monitoring and implementing the Government’s private sector development programmes and activities.

The Ministry also ensures that Ghana derives maximum benefit from international trade relations and that domestic trade is conducted in a smooth and orderly manner.

Furthermore, it is the responsibility of the Ministry to strengthen trade relations with all friendly countries on a most favoured nation basis consistent with Ghana’s membership of the World Trade Organisation (WTO).

Special attention continues to be focused on the diversification of markets and the commodity export base by promoting the development of non-traditional exports industries with the view to developing an export-led economy.

In industry, the Ministry’s policy thrust continues primarily to be the development of a more competitive industrial sub-sector with potentials to make in-roads into the international market with value added local products derived from local resources.


  • The Vision of the Ministry is to establish Ghana as a major manufacturing, value-added, financial and commercial hub in West Africa by the year 2015.


  • The mission of the Ministry is to develop a vibrant, technology-driven, liberalised and competitive trade and industrial sector that significantly contributes to economic growth and employment creation, particularly involving mass mobilisation of rural communities and other vulnerable groups including women.

This will lead to the diversification and structural transformation of the economy. MOTI will for the realisation of the above mission, use well-trained and highly motivated personnel to serve the business and industrial community with utmost efficiency, transparency, and promptness

The objective of the Ministry is to ensure effective trade and industrial development for national development.

The Ministry has the following functions:

  • Responsible for trade and industry policy formulation, monitoring and evaluation.
  • The lead policy advisor to Government on trade and industry issues as well as private sector development.
  • The principal agency responsible for coordinating and monitoring the implementation of private sector programmes and activities.
  • The advocate within Government for the Private Sector.

Divisions of the Ministry:

The following are the divisions of the Ministry:

1.    Domestic Trade & Distribution
2.    SME & Technology
3.    Standards
4.    Trade Facilitation
5.    Research, Information & Statistics
6.    Policy Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation
7.    Export Trade Support Services
8.    Multilateral, Bilateral & Regional Trade
9.    Import & Export
10.  Legal
11.  Finance, Human Resource Management & Administration
12.  Communications & Public Affairs

Regional Trade & Industry Offices in Ghana:

The Ministry is represented in all the 10 regions of Ghana and at the major ports and border entry/exit points.

Overseas Trade Missions:

In addition, it maintains five overseas offices in London, Washington DC, Geneva, Brussels and Abuja.

Departments & Agencies:

MOTI is aided in its work by the following Agencies:

  1. Ghana Export Promotion Council
  2. National Board for Small Scale Industries
  3. Ghana Standards Board
  4. GRATIS Foundation of Ghana
  5. Central Regional Development Commission (CEDECOM)

Again, it has ministerial responsibility for the underlisted Boards and Companies:

  1. Ghana Trade Fair Company Limited
  2. Ghana National Procurement Agency Limited
  3. Ghana Free Zones Board
  4. Ghana Heavy Equipment Limited
  5. Export Development and Investment Fund
  6. GIHOC Distilleries
  7. Volta Star Textiles Limited
  8. Northern Star Tomato Company Limited
  9. Ayensu Starch Factory


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