Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will my company be allowed to transfer profits, dividends and capital upon liquidation?

Companies are guaranteed:

  • Unconditional transferability of dividends and net profits after tax to their home countries.
  • Transferability of payments for loan servicing in the case of foreign loans and royalties and other fees in respect of technology transfer transactions e.g. licenses technical assistance and management contracts.
  • The remittances of proceeds in the event of sale and liquidation of investment assets in the currency in which the investment was originally made to their home countries so far as they meet their tax obligations.

How Do I Contact the Ministry?

There are several ways of contacting the Ministry of Trade and Industry. You can visit the "Contact Us" page at, complete the web-form and submit your enquiry.
You may also send an email directly to "". Finally, the contact page also provides telephone numbers which you may call to speak with a representative. Please be aware the phone lines are open only during normal working hours.